Please don't be a dick - Cover image

don't be
a dick

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Nice idea.
Badly designed book.

Simon Boniface

Considering it's a book about working with designers, the layout of the sample pages leaves a lot to be desired.

Kim MacKillop Monteforte

To all clients and designers- please read this book- it's not as harsh as it sounds. Really good insight into the workings of both sides of a designer-client relationship. A mutual understanding of each other's experience can immensely improve the end result...

Ben Lancaster

This is your bible if you
plan on working with
a digital artist.

Robert Ghita

The most awesome book
ever published!

Genevieve Primavera

Taking a moment of silence for the death of professionalism


Wow... Really...
That's a real thing?
They expect people to read?



Ser Young Puah

Everyone should read this.

Tracy Greever-Rice

If your going to hire
a designer, please read
this before


Love the cover of this e-book. ;) Please, Don't Be A Dick:
A client’s handbook to working with a designer.


Advice books for designers appear in abundance in your everyday bookstore or Google search. The sheer volume is infinite, with books on design theory, history and trends, advice on working with contractors, tips on how to keep accounts organised and detailed explanations on how to manage day-to-day business. These books are great at dispensing knowledge from one designer to another, unfortunately they aren’t really helpful for the clients that have to work with designers.

Which is why during our first meeting with the brilliant Paul Furey he asked "if I were to hire you guys, how would you want me to act as a client to be the perfect client?". To which we responded "there is no such thing as a perfect client, just please, don't be a dick". He followed our advice and we never had any problems when working together.

We don't want to become relationship managers but want to continue with our careers in design so we decided to put together a handbook for clients and designers with, what we believe to be, valuable information.

If you are not yet convinced that you need this book, here's a sample. Or you can email us at telling us why you deserve a free copy.