Words of praise and hate

Love the cover of this e-book. ;) Please, Don't Be A Dick: A client’s handbook to working with a designer.

— @sleekdj99

If your going to hire a designer, please read this before.

— Tracy Greever-Rice


— Ser Young Puah

Wow... Really... That's a real thing? They expect people to read?

— @Peroty

Taking a moment of silence for the death of professionalism.

— @jordanmerrick

The most awesome book ever published!

— Genevieve Primavera

This is your bible if you plan on working with a digital artist.

— Robert Ghita

To all clients and designers- please read this book- it's not as harsh as it sounds. Really good insight into the workings of both sides of a designer-client relationship. A mutual understanding of each other's experience can immensely improve the end result...

— Ben Lancaster

Considering it's a book about working with designers, the layout of the sample pages leaves a lot to be desired.

— Kim MacKillop Monteforte

Nice idea. Badly designed book.

— Simon Boniface