Why we wrote it

During our first meeting with the brilliant Paul Furey he asked “If I were to hire you guys, how would you want me to act as a client to be the perfect client?". To which we responded "there is no such thing as a perfect client, just please, don't be a dick". We've had a great relationship with him since then and there has never been an instance where we, nor him, were dicks to each other.

After this successful project, and many others, we joked that it would be great to provide our clients with a handbook that described how we worked and how we would want to work with them. This joke evolved into this book. One that we no longer see as a joke, but a serious bit of advice from ourselves, our partners, and our clients to other individuals who wish to have an honest and valuable relationship with their designers or clients.

The purpose of the book is not to shame clients, and definitely not to glorify designers. It is to provide a base for the relationship between those two. We want to educate clients on certain specifics within our industry and provide designers with an understanding on how to clearly communicate with their clients in order to work together on a successful project.